Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Fijian Made - What does it mean?
A. Fijian Made means a product is substantially transformed in Fiji. This law applies to any business that says its products are Fijian Made.

Q. What is substantial transformation?
A. For a substantial transformation to occur there must be a:
Fundamental change in that country in form, appearance or nature such that the goods existing after the change are new and different goods from those existing before the change.

Q. Can any company use the Fijian Made trade mark?
A. No. To use the Fijian Made trade mark a company must first comply with the country of origin guidelines in the Fair Trading Act. They must then apply for a licence through the Fijian Made Buy Fijian Campaign.
Can I buy any of the stickers and swing tags with the Buy Fiji Made emblem if I do not hold a licence
No - only current Buy Fiji Made licence holders can use the stickers and swing tags

About the Campaign

 Q.Who certifies that my products are Fijian Made?
A. Responsibility for a correct claim lies with the manufacturer. The manufacturer must certify that the products comply with the Fair Trading Act - Country of Origin.


Q. How can I Join the Fijian Made Buy Fijian Campaign
A. To join the Fijian Made Buy Fijian Campaign and obtain a licence to use the logo click here

Q. What benefits are there for my company to join the Fijian Made Buy Fijian Campaign.
A. Members of Fijian Made Buy Fijian have exclusive access to the iconic and incredibly well recognised emblem, to help sell products or promote Fijian made goods in retail space.
The Fijian Made Buy Fijian organisation is managed by a switched-on, friendly and helpful team who are focused on ensuring emmbers get the most out of their membership. A vast range of services is availalbe to members for detailed information these services please read our member guide. click here to download the member guide.

We understand how business works and how busy things can get, thats why our services are simple and easy to access, our newsletters are quarterly and only carry important information and our team are availabel to you at any time to give advice or put you in touch with assistance from other business support organisations.




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